The 2021 Budget and Jobs in the UK

The 2021 Budget has been announced by Rishi Sunak and it has been very helpful in supporting the unemployed and companies suffering during COVID. However, we think there is a gap in the Budget which has not been considered, because more leadership is needed to help people get back into work.

An overview of the Budget:

The government is providing more support for the unemployed and those who are furloughed.

· The Furlough scheme has been extended until the end of September.

· The Universal Credit £20 uplift has been extended for 6 months.

· Companies will receive more support on loans and grants and will have apprenticeships and traineeships subsidised.

But what about job-seekers?

Many people have lost their jobs already as a result of COVID. Since the start of the pandemic it has been harder than ever to secure a job due the increased number of applicants and reduced number of available vacancies. These job-seekers need help in becoming job-ready and getting back into work. However there is nothing in the budget for these people.

Three aspects are worth noting about COVID-related job losses:

1. There are many who have lost their job who have been in work for a long time. Therefore they don’t know how to find a new job - where to find vacancies, how to write a CV or do a job interview.

2. With many industries having suffered greatly from the pandemic (e.g. catering, retail, transport and leisure facilities), a huge number of people are having to change careers.

3. It is more difficult to find jobs and people are out of work for longer. This causes a huge emotional and psychological impact on people, with many not feeling supported during this time.

What can we do?

We hope to help job-seekers become job-ready and address these issues.

There are many initiatives across the UK with people working hard to help people get back into work. Our Re-Work course by Resurgo is an example of this, delivering coaching and courses to help people become job-ready. Similar initiatives across the UK need leadership from public and private organisations to ensure that job-seekers are getting the support they need. For example, the Alliance for Hampshire Jobs was recently set up for people to discuss ideas and share advice on how we can get more people into employment in Hampshire.

To close, although the 2021 Budget does provide help for those who are unemployed and in setting up new jobs, there is little support for job-seekers who are struggling to be successful in job applications and getting back into work. Initiatives such as the Winchester Job Club are supporting these people the best we can and we need more leadership from organisations to make this a priority.

If you need help getting back into work please do get in contact so we can support you.

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