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In this article, let's take a look at the types of e-commerce product promotions. I summarize the types of promotions into two types: the first is single product promotions, including buy gifts, limited-time purchases, specials, pre-sale, and increased price purchases; the second is multi-product promotions, including full discounts, full gifts, full purchases Pieces, sets. 1. What are the types of single product promotions? What is the purpose of each type? 1. Buy gift (1) Definition That is to say, by presenting new products in small packages, small items of low value, and buying x items and getting x items, so that consumers can quickly become familiar with the company's products and stimulate their desire to buy. Let the product open the market quickly and win stable Bulk SMS Service profits for the enterprise. (2) Purpose The conclusion is to increase the recognition rate of new products / increase the conversion rate of payment. But depending on the form of the gift, the purpose is also different. Let's expand on: A: The gift is a new product Objective: To increase the awareness rate of new products. Sellers usually launch trial packs and mini packs, allowing users to try these specifications and not sell them in the market alone, so as to avoid pricing conflicts. There are two purposes, one is to drive sales, which is relatively rare at present. The second is to test market feedback. The former will launch products with large sales volume, and the investment cost is relatively large and it is not very good to monitor the effect data. The latter is directional like a small-scale market launch, and a certain market range will be locked for data samples. For example, put samples in Beijing or put samples in a certain store, and then look at the repurchase rate of the store and the evaluation of users Usage scenario: A new product launched by a merchant needs to be promoted urgently to let more people know about the product. Tell me about a real case that happened to me. Last year, because I bought a latex mattress at Koala, I bought a member of Koala. Since I bought a membership, I couldn't stop and started to buy all kinds of skin care products. Once I bought a sunscreen from

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